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While during past times, limits of risk fields were underlined by “I don’t know” expression, for present times, “I know” approach has started to enter in determining these fields. The epidemic invasion of this “I know” has already started to form a serious risk field for human being of 21st century from two aspects:  


21st Century’s Risks of Saying

Skill of being able to reach all required to be known in the most clear and plain manner 

The approach of carrying “I know” comprehension to dimensions of content with the present in hand within the swirl 


But, where and in which manner shall we position us in this chaos of knowledge insufficient to experience success stories sometimes? What is the power of our knowledge and in which values will it conduct us?  


In fact the answer for this chaos in knowledge era is very simple and lays in a single reality: In being able to make very clear discrimination of difference between data and knowledge. Very essential differences are subject to consideration do discriminate knowledge from data. KNOWLEDGE IS THE ENTITY OF VALUES THAT is

• Possible to use in generating strategies,

• Possible to conduct,

• Forming vision,

• Able effective in increasing and conducting the produced values.

Knowledge is a locomotive holding continuous learning active in all processes. All the rest are encyclopedias possible to be introduced in different classifications. But, which one of us has enough time to read encyclopedias or to thumb through them? Indeed, how many years more we are giving to encyclopedias?


In such an era where market dynamics change deeply faster and rapidly which we are not able to realize,  

  • Do we recognize the mass for which we produce values? 

  • Are we sure about them?

  • Do we really know what is going to change in the life of consumers whom we are sure that we recognize?

  • Do we still refer to our experiences alone for what consumers expect from us and their evaluations directed towards our products?

  • What happens to price policies of our rivals and in their livings other than their market shares? 


From now on, consumer tendencies and perceptions have control on markets instead of economical and financial indices. The most essential factors out of all others among the reasons reaching to conclusions are consumer attitudes and powers conducting them. While tendencies keep the feature of being most essential factor in determining the market value of the goods and services produced, also they pass through a very rapid process of erosion.


For this reason, to know consumers, is not enough from now on, continuous learning becomes inevitable. Instead of looking at introduced customers as the persons acquainted with, it becomes necessary to get acquainted again and to rediscover them.  


At one side dense knowledge bombardment and consumers holding any time a tendency to alienate, and at one side dimension of competition sharpening by degrees conduct all towards the same point. Towards the process starting from appraisal going to the strategy…  The struggle of the future will occur between the ones managing this process correctly and the others searching for small tips directed towards the future by maintaining this process of evaluations of the past. Which side you think to have a chance to win?


7P THINK TANK GROUP is a strategic business partner focused on knowledge share producing value in the process going to the success within the frame of establishment objective and its basic working principles. Values that it produces in the scope of this partnership are coming forth due to differences it formed. 7P THINK TANK GROUP is, 

  • Focused during its services on knowledge but not data 

  • By comprehending that is in consumer’s heart and mind, it determines how to reflect these values to future consumption dynamics.

  • It shares strategic field before tendencies transform to consumption by its Continuous learning together with getting acquainted again and rediscovery principles.

  • It presents obtained results not as data stocks in research terminology but wit marketing approaches to form basis for strategic applications.   

  • It places the value of your product or service to the highest point of its own value.

  • It evaluates the consumer by methods it developed specific to the subject as an expert. It is focused solution and strategy when sharing findings.



7P THINK TANK GROUP knows that its success also will take place in success stories of the ones earned victory in challenges. 


Victories of the future will belong to the followers of knowledge, continuous learners, and continual discoverers without giving up getting acquaintance with its consumer. We are ready for this travel thoroughly…  

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